Electromecánica Cormar S.A.

50 years market leader in the field of battery disconnector

Since more than 50 years ELECTROMECANICA CORMAR SA has been dedicating its efforts and technological capacities to the manufacturing of Main Battery Switches. Throughout the past decades, we have continuously implemented the most advanced technology and  manufacturing processes in order to satisfy even the most demanding market requests.

Our experience and prestige, in the manufacturing as well in the marketing processes, enables us to achieve an outstanding market position, not only for our domestic customers, but also on international business projects. Our products are highly valued  around the world for their high quality and their robustness in raw environments.  Our international activities has given us a presence in more than 50 countries.

Over the past years, we have been able to continuously broaden our market presence and add additional application areas for our products  in many different vehicle segments such as: Industrial vehicles, marine, agricultural, road-side maintenance, etc… Based on our technical expertise we specifically defined and produced products which fits to our customers demand and requirements in all individual market segments.

As part of our daily business, it is our first priority to supply the best service to our customers, satisfying their needs and requests according to the demands of their business fields.

ELECTROMECANICA CORMAR SA delivers the best and most cost efficient product portfolio into all our market segments and we strive for highest customer satisfaction.